A State of Delusions and Denial

As I write this, Electors in the USA cast their votes for the next president of the United States, and Joe Biden is the winner. The Elector's votes are sent by registered mail to Washington, D.C. to be opened on January 4th by Vice President Pence in a joint session of Congress. At that point, there will be one more round of political theatre orchestrated by Trump and his cronies in Congress to overturn the election. These last final efforts are destined to fail as well. Maybe after all of this, Trump leaves Washington for his exile at Mar-a-Largo.

Everyone knows that Trump will continue saying he won and raising money. Trump’s cult will continue to say that Biden is not the president. The Republicans will continue their obstructionist ways. However, the blueprint that Trump and the Republicans created for the destruction of democracy in the USA is unmistakable. Regardless if Trump runs again in 2024 or is replaced by someone younger, and smarter, the 2020 election is the final nail in democracy’s coffin.

The next four years in the USA will witness the creation of an even more radicalized version of the Republican party, one essentially aligned with QAnon, Neo-Nazi’s, and Christian dominionists. Out of this cauldron of hate, bigotry, and crazy conspiracies will rise the next Trump. In four years, the cult will have sharpened their skills, become better organized, and based upon the 2020 election will have fashioned a game plan to make their coup work.

The Biden administration is going to be preoccupied with the pandemic, and the economy. Good old Joe will do his best to try and talk to anyone who will listen, and a few might, but behind Joe’s back all of the crazies will be hatching new plans to get rid of the Democrats. Face the facts, the USA is more fractured now than at any time in its existence — even the Civil War!

If the 2022 mid-term elections hand Congress back to the Republicans, then the Biden administration will be unable to effectively govern the country. This plays directly into the 2024 election when the younger, smarter version of Trump arrives to sweep into power. Let’s face it, Trump is incompetent. He is an elite, silver-spoon bully who never really did anything other than be a bully. If he failed, Daddy bailed him out. But Donald’s power was money and his narcissism. This created a monster who excelled in using the system to further his own ends. Just look at Trumps’s elite legal strike force team. Everything they did seemed like skits out of Saturday Night Live! From the Four Seasons press conference, Rudi’s hair dye runoff, and the Melissa Carone testimony — a total farce!

Yet in spite of all of these antics, the Trump true-believers continue to make threats, spew disinformation, and outright lies. This leads me to the conclusion that the character flaws so ingrained into a large swatch of the USA will only grow more intense. Let’s be honest, a large portion of the population in the USA no longer want or believe in democracy. As evidence, I present two men at a Trump rally in Ohio wearing shirts that said “I’d rather be a Russian than a Democrat.”

Trump took a wrecking ball to the election process. His followers will continue to espouse that the election was rigged, stolen, fraudulent, or manipulated by Hugh Chavez, Castro, and a host of other dead people. When people start spouting things like this, you should just call in the shaman, soothsayer, Magic 8 Ball and get on with the crazy talk. The second coming of an authoritarian/dictator in the USA is a certainty. What’s difficult to comprehend is how treasonous the other side will become in their efforts to take over the USA?

If I had a crystal ball, I would expect to see seditious behavior all across the country, and civil unrest at every turn. In the first Civil War, the demarcation was physical boundaries. In the 21st Century, it will be more complicated and nuanced. What remains to be seen is how this plays out in an environment with Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China able to launch cyber-attacks against the USA at will. To sow more chaos, and create more instability in a country that is reeling from its own self-made delusions and denial.





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